Why use TCFX's Secure Payment Service?
Our Secure Payment service protects your international trade payments. Our secure service will hold your payment while your order is being processed and delivered. Payment will be released to the supplier when you confirm order delivery.

What do you do?
TCFX is an online escrow management provider for business transactions. By means of our secure online payment platform, TCFX offers companies an efficient online means of buying and selling, invoicing for services and conducting contract administration. TCFX also provides the means for immediate payment for services upon the successful execution of the contract.

Are the services offered by TCFX really needed?
Yes, in a business environment where unpaid invoices are written off with ever increasingly regularity, TCFX provides the means to ensure that such does not happen to your company.

How Do I open an account with TCFX?
It is easy. Simply go to the home page and click "Register". Step by step details will be provided to you and TCFX's staff is ready to assist if needed.

What documents do I need for the account application process?
In accordance with the Due Diligence Laws, you will need to submit legible copies of the following documents:
• Primary Photo ID
• Secondary ID
• Corporate Document
• Tax Document
• Utility Bill
• Bank Statements from Last Three Months

How long does it take to open an account?
Typically, less than 48 hours and not more than five business days.

How do I fund my account and/or withdraw my funds?
Via Wire Transfer or Direct Deposit. Our platform is equipped with simple user function keys for transferring money into and out of your account.

What is meant by pointing funds on the platform?
Once your account is funded, and you've begun business, you can accept project invites from your buyers and suppliers. Once a project and a contract amount established, the platform will instruct the buyer to point the contracted amount to the supplier. Thereafter, those funds are dedicated to that project and cannot be released without the seller's consent. Upon successful execution of the contract and the buyer accepting the supplier's invoice, the platform automatically releases the pointed funds to the supplier.

How does TCFX ensure that my invoices will be paid?
By providing a means whereby businesses can set up both the Contract for Services and the funds necessary to cover those services prior to performing any work or shipping any product. Upon successfully executing, the terms of the contract, the funds held by TCFX are released to the party due.

What if I don't agree with an invoice that is submitted to me?
No problem. Our system allows you to identify easily which portion(s) of the invoice that you do not agree with. Upon your submittal of this information, the undisputed amount of the invoice is paid for, and the disputed amount held. TCFX then provides you with means to negotiate and/or counter offer until a resolution is reached between you, at which time the amount that you and your associate agree-upon is paid for and the remaining balance, if any, returned to your account.

What if one of my business associates does not agree with my invoice?
They would file a dispute and identify the disputed and undisputed portion of the invoice. Thereafter, you will be notified by TCFX and means provided via the platform to resolve the dispute.

What if my business associate and I cannot reach a resolution on a dispute?
We hope you can, but if not, TCFX staffs trained professionals in your industry that can be used for arbitration, upon the agreement of both parties. In these cases, the decision of the Arbitrator is final.